Thursday, January 12, 2023

3 Mulches I Use for the Vegetable Garden

There are many options when it comes to mulch in a vegetable garden. I've used quite a few mulch types over the years including grass clippings, hardwood chips, straw, pine straw, and a few others. This year I am using just three types of mulch in the vegetable garden, two of which came absolutely free! Here's a short look at the three types of mulch I'm using for my vegetable garden.

What does Mulching do for your garden?
Mulching your garden keeps the moisture in the soil for longer periods of time and is essential at moderating water loss. Moderating water loss helps with cracking tomatoes. Organic mulches will break down over time which will feed the soil and improve it's quality. Mulch also is great for weed control! 

Essentially you have three awesome benefits with mulch:

1) Mulch helps with Water regulation
2) Mulch feeds the soil
3) Keeps weed seeds from germinating.


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