Monday, October 23, 2017

DIY Mix-and-Match Emoji Pumpkins - HGTV

Use construction paper and magnets to make these fun emoji pumpkins that you can customize to fit your mood.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Today's Homeowner Featuring RumbleStone™

Pavestone and Quikrete team up with host Danny Lipford to create a backyard paradise. This full episode of Today's Homeowner shows you how to use RumbleStone™ to build a gorgeous paved patio complete with a fireplace and custom planters.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Stone Border Landscaping Adds A Unique Appeal To Your Lawn

Standard landscaping helps organize your plantings and makes your yard look nice and tidy, but if you want a bit of drama and artistry try adding stone borders. Landscaping stones are available in every shape, size, color and design offered by nature and then some. If you like a very uniform look, manufactured stone can provide just that.

Creating beautiful stone borders for your flowerbeds and paths gives your yard a unique and natural look. Additionally, stones last forever and only become more beautiful with the passage of time so they represent an excellent investment.

Where Can You Get Good Landscaping Stone?

You can actually find good looking stones all over your area. For a truly authentic look, you can search for stones around your neighborhood or even in your own lawn. Use these alone or incorporate them with other stones purchased at a local landscape materials store or garden center. An artistic combination of stones will add visual interest to your outdoor environment.

What Kind Of Rock Or Stone Is Best?

Both river rock and flagstone are nice choices as the foundation for any type of landscaping project. Flagstone comes in lots of attractive natural shades to enhance any outdoor setting. When smaller sized rock is needed (e.g. when filling in open areas or creating walkways) river rock excels.

Hiring A Pro Can Save You Money & Hard Labor!

If you are purchasing large amounts of stone, be sure to ask about home delivery as this will save you backbreaking labor and wear and tear on your vehicle. Additionally, take the time to compare prices between purchasing stone and doing the labor yourself VS having it done by a professional landscaper. Pros always have access to excellent prices in landscaping materials that offset the labor costs. Additionally, setting stone for pathways and borders is an arduous task that can cause significant aches and pains for the inexperienced DIY landscaper.

Stone Landscape Is Functional & Beautiful

In addition to borders, you can also set stepping stones or create walkways and retaining walls using stone. This choice creates a natural, beautiful, enduring effect in your yard and garden while fulfilling practical needs. Using similar rocks throughout lends a touch of uniformity to your design. If you are a rock hound, using fairly uniform natural rocks such as flagstone or river rock for your landscaping helps draw attention to artistic displays of your unique finds.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Rock Landscaping Ideas That Are Quick & Easy

Landscaping your yard can be a fantastic way to add beauty and color to your residence. When you landscape the yard you could very easily help to make it a thing of beauty. You might want to landscape the entire yard, make a quiet garden area or work on the a small section. Incorporating a lot of regional natural plants and things such as rocks will be quite nice. Stones can easily add color and design to an otherwise uninteresting landscape. If you're looking for some rock landscaping ideas remember there are many ways to integrate beautifying with rocks into your backyard.
Decide What You Would Like to Do
Ideas about using natural stones can be discovered in numerous sites. First off, think about what you want. Smaller rocks and stones might be used to line the edge of a private drive, flower bed or even a little pond. Larger stones might be integrated into the middle of plants or even natural herbs. A very big decorative landscape rock which is of an interesting form and color may even grow to be the focal point of your garden project. Before you choose glance through publications, travel all-around your town and take a look at other individual's yards and even view rock landscaping pictures online to have an notion of what you want.
Do Some Research
Local rocks and stones are probably what you should use in your design. Check out local home building sites for suggestions of what type of stones are available in your location. If you are lucky enough to live in places you can go get your own river rocks for landscaping you can find some beautiful ones that way. When you know what you want to utilize you can draw up your rock landscaping designs and get started.
Options for a Layout Designed with Natural Rocks
Creating an backyard design offers you numerous ways to incorporate stones into your designs. One creative interesting way to put various rocks is to create a landscaping rock wall. A mail box foundation or a rock wall as a backdrop for a backyard garden is merely a couple of interesting concepts it is possible to consider. The rocks will be embedded in the wall, or sculpture base in something such as a mailbox post. You may utilize polished flat stones as stepping stones and develop a wondering path via your flower garden. The strategies for these landscaping ideas are really endless.
Don't Want to Do It Yourself?
Not everyone likes to do things themselves and if you're not a do-it-yourself individual no problem. But bear in mind, you can easily always employ somebody to do the job for you. There are plenty of local landscaping companies specialized in rock design that are prepared to do the work for you - but remember rock landscaping prices can differ based on where you live. The positive side is that they may have access to rocks you don't. The downside - that type of contracting work could be pricey.
Begin Your Rock Landscaping Project Right now
These rock landscaping ideas [] will allow you to turn your backyard into a thing of beauty in no time at all. Develop a rock landscaping garden or a wall, line a few paths, get imaginative! Why have a big empty space of green grass whenever you can have so much more than that? Your friends will be pleading with you to share your rock landscaping secrets when you are finished.

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

How To Clean And Restore A Brick Paver Patio In A Few Hours

BackYard Basics by TechniSoil with host Terry Jensen. In this patio makeover episode I will show you how easy it is to clean and restore an aged brick paver patio. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually easy to do it yourself over a weekend. I finished this entire outdoor living hardscape project by myself in less than four hours total. Whether you hire a contractor or go the DIY route, this video will show you how to bust out the job quickly so your patio will be ready for a friendly barbecue party or some quiet time reading a book.

This paver patio and adjacent walkway area was very dirty and covered with green and black algae. We started by pressure washing the bricks with a gas powered pressure washer which took about 45 minutes. It’s important to clean evenly back and forth with the spray wand, almost as if you were painting a fence. I tried initially using an electric pressure washer but found the jet stream was now powerful enough to clear out the grime and algae. The gas powered unit worked great and made the cleaning process go quickly. If the water dries in time you can move on to the final restoration steps, but on this project, I decided to give it more time to dry and returned to finish the following day.

Next, I installed two colors of UltraMix Designer Series Paver Joint Sand from TechniSoil. This patio was a combination of red brick pavers and charcoal-tan-plum keystone wall blocks for elevation. I used Brick Red and Charcoal Plum UltraMix Sand, and it tied the contrasting colors together beautifully. UltraMix Sand is not a polymeric sand, but can be used in a dry joint sand application or stabilized with a liquid stabilizer. Polymeric sands have an extremely limited color selection and can cause issues like hazing from polymeric powder dust.

Finally, I wrapped up the project by applying NanoPave JSS (2-in-1 Joint Stabilizer & Sealer) with an everyday handheld pump sprayer. NanoPave JSS performs two necessary jobs for hardscaping, by stabilizing the joint material and sealing the stone surface. The sealer enhances the natural color, and for this job we used NanoPave JSS Ghost - Natural Look Finish. The liquid sprays on white, but dries ultra clear. I used a foam rubber squeegee to evenly distribute the liquid over the pavers and I was careful to apply according to application rate and temperature recommendations.

When the makeover was complete, I had spent only a few hours transforming the outdoor living patio area from old and dingy to bright and beautiful. We used only TechniSoil products to enhance the project, specifically UltraMix Paver Joint Sand and NanoPave JSS. For products and ideas like these and more, visit or any of the TechniSoil social media channels.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Pavestone Venetian Stone™

Pavestone's Venetian Stone™ Series gives a distinctive cleft surface texture to pavements. It's modular pattern equalizes the scale of any project and is fitting to most any architectural elements.

The possible applications for pavers are only limited by your imagination. Maximize your outdoor living experience with a design that is all your own. Create a scenic walkway in a beautiful downtown park. A variety of hues and textures allow you to have unlimited possibilities to both compliment and enhance the natural beauty of any surrounding while being friendly to the environment. From palatial outdoor entertainment areas to pool decks with a relaxing spa-like feel, you can count on unsurpassed strength and flexibility. Concrete pavers can withstand the forces of weather, water and traffic. Plus, they are especially designed to withstand freeze-thaw conditions, making them a good choice for cool as well as warm climates. Your design project will be as beautiful years from now as it is the day it is installed.