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Starting An Herb Container Garden

How To Start An Herb Container Garden
A tasty addition to just about any meal, herbs are extremely easy to grow at home. In fact, if you have no backyard, be excited because herbs are ideally suited to container gardening. Since you can keep your container in the kitchen, you'll find it easy to use them more often, and they'll be a beautiful addition to your d├ęcor. Because some herbs, such as mint, will take over a regular garden, the container garden provides an added benefit by keeping runaway plants under control. There are just a few easy steps to follow to have a lovely and useful garden of your own.
First off, you'll need to choose a container. The only limits here are your imagination and food safety. Your only limitation when it comes to choosing pots for herbs is that you need to use containers that are food safe. Make sure you're not using pottery glazed with lead based chemicals. Plastic or glass pots as well as unfinished terra cotta will be safe. Almost all herbs will thrive in small pots or you can put several together in a window box, an old wheelbarrow, or anything that can hold the soil.
Choosing your herbs is really a question of taste. You may love the taste of rosemary and hate the taste of oregano. Perhaps to you parsley is just plate decoration while marjoram is divine. Choose which herbs you'd like to use and then plan accordingly. Pay particular attention to which herbs like more sun or less water and be sure to put like plants together when you craft your herb container garden.
Many of the herbs you will want to grow can be purchased as plants right from the start. Some herbs, however, will mature quickly and easily from seeds, so plan on putting together a mix of plants and seeds as you start on your container herb garden. Grassy green herbs like chives, mint, and parsley really perform best from seed because they're very difficult to transplant and they grow very quickly. The bushy, woody herbs like oregano and rosemary are much better to start as plants. You can also get a number of the softer herbs like basil and mint as plants. The wonderful thing about those is that you'll be able to enjoy them in your cooking almost immediately.
If you keep your container herb garden indoors, you may be able to keep the garden going year-round, but even indoors you may need to replace a few plants. Still, fresh herbs in a stew in the dead of winter are a surprising and wonderful delight, and experimenting with which herbs you can keep indefinitely is well worth the effort.
Once you're underway, you'll find your container herb garden a rewarding and creative use of time. Beautiful and useful, the garden can change your kitchen into the envy of your friends and they joy of your family.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

More Than Just Dirt And Gravel!

We have dirt and we have gravel. In fact, we have a huge variety and a full selection of kinds of dirt and gravel of all sizes--even boulders! Yet, we are so much more than this. We also have a very large selection of pavers, brick and block for building retaining walls, doing driveways like the beautiful one above. We also have hundreds of other helpful items. You could say we are a one-stop location for anything needed for landscaping, and if we don't have it, we can get it.

Drop by soon and wander through our large yard and see what ideas may pop into your head to fix up your place. Dixon Landscape Materials is located a few feet of Hwy 13 at 150 East H Street in Dixon, CA. See our website at

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Backyard Paving Remodel See how to dress up a plain-gray concrete patio with acid stains and then carve it to look like paving stone. Coordinating brick steps and borders complete the makeover.

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Installing Pavestone Edgers - Whether you are planning on doing it yourself or wanting to have it done for you. Our product videos and how-to information section is a valuable resource to start you on the right course.

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Step 1 - Measuring your lawn and putting a plan together

Instructional video from Park Avenue Turf on putting together a game plan for best installation of your new lawn sod.

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Courtyard Garden - Designing Courtyard Gardens - Drainage1

Courtyard gardens and garden design. This Mediterranean landscaping project video is the first in a series covering an extensive landscape and garden design from start to finish.