Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to Make Salsa | Easy Homemade Salsa Recipe

Today, I'll show you how to make mild salsa at home. This pico de gallo is an awesome healthy snack idea.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ideas For Creating Wonderful Backyard Patio Designs

People who have a lot of space outside their homes will sometimes want to create a more beautiful area where space can be better optimized. Many homeowners today are always looking for ways to entertain outside their home in style and comfort. Several cost-effective ways exist in which people can do this. One could choose to carry out backyard patio designs and choose to do it on a do it yourself basis. The secret to success is to be imaginative and open to new ideas and products when it comes to organizing the design for an outdoor space.

Decide what each area in the space will be used for then measure each space so that you have the option of putting different pavers or designs in specific areas of your yard. Doing this will enable the homeowners to know precisely is needed for successfully creating a unique and distinctive theme. When each space is individually measured and individualized, furniture, plantings and style can be distinctive and unique, yet create a continuity in the total design concept. Smaller areas can easily be designed as chat areas with small pieces of furniture to make the area more cozy. Larger spaces can accommodate fireplaces, lounge furniture, a bar and more.

Homeowners can add their own personal touch to the design. Adding plants, cushions to seats, and colorful flowers to add vibrancy to the area. Bird feeders and wind chimes are a wonderful way to include mood and nature in the space you are creating.

Spending time planning the design of your patio will give you the ability to add your personal style and unique designs to the space easily. Weekends will become much more fun when entertaining family and friends. Homeowners will have quite a time selecting the items, as there are so many to choose from. This could be the most challenging part of the exercise.

Some homeowners may not have the ability to visualize how this area can look. If this is the case then it is always possible to hire a professional to give some advice as to how the place can look.

Homeowners can step up to the challenge of designing a look that is both stylish and unique. Home improvement companies are on hand for homeowners to browse to see what is available. Personnel at these companies are trained to give the best advice and answer all the questions that homeowners may have about backyard patio designs.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Installing Pavestone Edgers

http://www.pavestone.com - Whether you are planning on doing it yourself or wanting to have it done for you. Our product videos and how-to information section is a valuable resource to start you on the right course.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mixing & Installing Translucent Color Enhancer

The Translucent Color Enhancer is not a solid or opaque stain. It's translucent, meaning you can see through it. This is why the Enhancer is used to restore or revitalize exposed aggregate! The translucent Enhancer color allows the aggregate to show through the tint.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Benefits Of Using Flagstones In Patios

People who are looking for the perfect material for a high end patio definitely should consider using flagstone. Using artificial or synthetic materials for your patio is not advisable. The most obvious reason for using natural materials like flagstone is the fact that they are, of course, more attractive than synthetic ones.

Flagstones are an excellent choice because of their natural beauty. This material lends an air of elegance to any project. Flagstones are especially ideal for patios and walkways because of their appearance and inherent durability. Using these kinds of stones will surely provide a natural elegance to your home.

One of the reasons why people prefer flagstones over other kinds of materials is its natural vintage look. These stones come in many different colors such as grey, red, blue, green and even white. They have a certain kind of shimmer that is quite pleasing to the eye. Some people like to mix and match different colors, shapes and sizes of flagstones to create a unique patter, You can also mix flagstones with other kinds of stones to create a wonderful effect.

Flagstones comes in different sizes. If you are going to use for a patio though then you should use a stone that is around two inches thick. Sand and stone dust is usually used as a base material for a flagstone patio. You can actually install flagstones in your patio yourself, provided of course that there are people with you that can help. Installing a flagstone patio can actually be a fun activity but the greater joy of course would come while you are viewing your new beautiful flagstone patio.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Clean And Seal A Flagstone Walkway

NanoPave Hardscape Sealer is a water-based, VOC-free, nano-polymer sealant for hardscape surfaces including pavers, bricks, natural stone, and flagstone. It is also commonly used to seal decorative stone ground cover materials such as river cobble, beach pebbles, and specialty aggregates. NanoPave Hardscape Sealer enhances the natural color of hardscape materials and ground covers.

NanoPave Hardscape Sealer enhances and protects the natural beauty of hardscape surfaces using an ultra-high clarity, nano-polymer sealer technology. With excellent adhesion to both porous and dense surface materials, it provides protection without blushing, yellowing, or cracking. It's a breathable sealer that applies easily to interior or exterior hardscape surfaces and protects against UV degradation, staining, fading, and weather damage.

NanoPave Hardscape Sealer is available in (3) ready-to-use sheens; Natural Look Finish - Low Sheen; Enhanced Look Finish - Semi Gloss; Wet Look Finish - Gloss. Each is simple to apply using a pressurized pump sprayer in conjunction with a handheld squeegee or tight nap roller as needed.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Magnolia Community Built Micro-park, Forth Worth. What Happened?

May 2016. New Community Built Micro Park in Forth Worth, Texas has been created on an empty, unused space on Magnolia Avenue. Some reports say it was a miracle, starting from dirt, transforming into a colorful place with neon-colored zip ties atop of solar-panel lights, city art project. A quick tutorial on installing artificial grass.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

NanoPave JSS Project Showcase - June 2016

NanoPave JSS (NP-JSS) is a revolutionary 2-in-1 joint stabilizer and sealer product for use with pavers, natural stone, and flagstone. NP-JSS creates a strong, durable bond in common sand or crushed stone jointing materials for joints up to 4” wide. NP-JSS is also a UV resistant, VOC-free sealant that protects and helps maintain the natural beauty of most paving surfaces.

Advanced Formula NanoPave JSS is an industry leading, water-based, VOC-free, liquid nano-polymer stabilizer. Common jointing materials such as masonry sand in joints less than ¾” or crushed stone mixes in joints up to 4” are bonded by topically applying to most hardscape surfaces. Stable joint materials improves surface stability, and also reduces erosion, insect infestations, and weeds.

NanoPave JSS is also a fast curing, long-lasting sealer with ultra-high clarity that can be applied in a surface and ambient temperature range of 40º - 90ºF. It is suitable for application to dry or damp surfaces, which is ideal for new installations or restoration of existing hardscape projects. NP-JSS is available in two breathable sheens; Natural Look Finish - Ghost; Enhanced Look Finish - Gloss.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

BarkSealer Product Demo | Restore or Recolor Any Bark or Mulch Ground Cover

BarkSealer is a water-based color refreshing sealant used to restore or recolor any bark or mulch ground cover material. BarkSealer is ready-to-use as a color protectant for dyed mulch material or it can be blended with any of three Colorant Concentrate additives to add vibrant, new color to any ground cover.

Application is easy with a common handheld or backpack pump sprayer. BarkSealer defends against UV ray and weather degradation to the natural appearance of bark and mulch with a protective coating that is safe for use around pets and any landscaped environment.

BarkSealer Colorant Concentrate is sold separately and available in three options; Redwood (red), Oak (brown), Obsidian (black). One 16-ounce bottle of Colorant Concentrate mixes with 5 gallons of BarkSealer at a rate of 3.2 ounces per gallon.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How To Repair Potholes And Damaged Asphalt Pavement

BackYard Basics by TechniSoil with host Terry Jensen. Here’s a problem we all deal with nearly every day, potholes and uneven blacktop. In this episode I’ll show you a fast, easy way to repair any asphalt surface including driveways, parking lots, aprons, and sport courts. Introducing TrowelPave from TechniSoil, an eco-friendly leveling compound that does not require any mechanical compaction. All you need is a standard trowel to install.

I’ll be working on a badly damaged and uneven asphalt shop encroachment. There was a jagged, crumbling 2” - 3” gap from the concrete shop floor down to the pavement. Small boards and stakes were being used to fill the space so wheeled appliances could be rolled in and out. Needless to say, it was a nuisance and tripping hazard not to mention it looked horrible.

TrowelPave doesn’t require any specialty tools or heavy equipment, and the repair will actually be stronger than the existing asphalt itself! The proprietary blend of aggregates and liquid binder is easy to mix using a wheelbarrow and shovel or garden hoe. The blended mix allows for 20 - 30 minutes of workability to shape and compact using a concrete trowel.

First I cleaned the area of debris by removing any broken concrete and asphalt with my shovel and then brooming any remaining material out. A handheld or backpack blower would also work well. If you need to use water or high pressure spray to clean, it’s important the project is completely dry before installing TrowelPave.

A TrowelPave kit comes in a bucket with a balanced amount of specialty aggregates and liquid binding agent. In this video, we used the DIY kit which comes with approximately 20 pounds of aggregate and 16 ounces of binder. There will also be a contractor kit available that features 40 pounds of aggregate and 32 ounces of binder.

It is recommended to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) at any time once the liquid binding agent is in use. This would include work pants, shoes, and shirt (preferably long sleeve), gloves, and safety glasses. The liquid binder is non-hazardous, VOC-free, and environmentally safe. On rare occasion, it can cause irritation after direct contact to the skin of people with certain allergic reactions. Avoid contact with your skin or clothes if possible.

Next I began the mixing process by pouring the aggregates into my wheelbarrow and then emptied the contents of the liquid binder evenly over the top. I used a shovel to thoroughly mix the two components. The mix starts out clumpy, but quickly blends together into an oatmeal consistency. The asphalt version of TrowelPave features a tinted binder that becomes more consistent while mixing.

And finally, I poured the blended material into place and began to trowel. If you have ever finished concrete or mortar with a trowel, the process is similar. I was able to build a ramp from the asphalt up to the jagged concrete shop floor. I troweled the material in about a ¼” higher than finish grade and then evenly tamped it down by hand using my trowel until it was flush. In areas where the grade was low, I sprinkled more blended material over the top and continued troweling and tamping.

On this repair area, I used 4 of the DIY bucket kits and the project was complete in less than 30 minutes. Within days, the owner had used the new ramp into the shop to drive heavy equipment on without so much as even a scratch.

If you watch to the end, there’s a bonus sneak peek of another new product coming soon from TechniSoil called Color Refresh. You can recolor old, faded asphalt with a handheld pump sprayer. Stay tuned for this and more great products coming soon!