Monday, August 15, 2016

Clean And Seal A Flagstone Walkway

NanoPave Hardscape Sealer is a water-based, VOC-free, nano-polymer sealant for hardscape surfaces including pavers, bricks, natural stone, and flagstone. It is also commonly used to seal decorative stone ground cover materials such as river cobble, beach pebbles, and specialty aggregates. NanoPave Hardscape Sealer enhances the natural color of hardscape materials and ground covers.

NanoPave Hardscape Sealer enhances and protects the natural beauty of hardscape surfaces using an ultra-high clarity, nano-polymer sealer technology. With excellent adhesion to both porous and dense surface materials, it provides protection without blushing, yellowing, or cracking. It's a breathable sealer that applies easily to interior or exterior hardscape surfaces and protects against UV degradation, staining, fading, and weather damage.

NanoPave Hardscape Sealer is available in (3) ready-to-use sheens; Natural Look Finish - Low Sheen; Enhanced Look Finish - Semi Gloss; Wet Look Finish - Gloss. Each is simple to apply using a pressurized pump sprayer in conjunction with a handheld squeegee or tight nap roller as needed.

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