Thursday, August 11, 2022

Garden of the Week - Graceful Gardens Philly Rooftop

The times we live in have drawn millions of people into dense city spaces devoid of much contact with the natural world.  People long for a connection with Mother Nature and garden design and development serves that unspoken need.

Graceful Gardens of Philadelphia does just that.  They bring some humanity into places begging for greenery.  It is odd that we might think that humanizing a space means in part to bring plants into it.  But that is exactly what bringing beauty into city locations does, it humanizes the space.  Our garden of the week features the work of Grace Wick’s company Graceful Gardens.  They focus on beautifying the inner city spaces of Philadelphia.  We are focusing on their rooftop gardens this week.  But in the future we would like to give you a glimpse of their work with Containers, Planters, Entries, Window Boxes and the like.  They make a little space go a long way.

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