Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Build a Flagstone Pathway In 5 Minutes

In this video I share a time-lapse of me building a walkway out of flagstone from my front yard to my backyard. You'll get to see the entire process including digging down, tamping the dirt, laying down the gravel base, leveling the layer of decomposed granite, placing the flagstones, cutting the flagstones, and finally leveling the flagstones. 

I've already done a video explaining exactly how to build this step by step, so be sure to watch that. However, I think this will give you a really good idea of what the process actually looks like.

This project took me about twenty hours to complete from start to finish. I completed it over a period of seven days working anywhere from 1.5hrs to 4hrs each day. There's a lot of digging and it is back breaking work so I wouldn't recommend doing this for 8 hours a day unless you are used to this type of work already (for example if you install floors for a living.) 

I think I could have finished this a bit faster, but I had to dig around a lot of roots from a nearby tree and avoid damaging a sprinkler line in the process. I also had to repair the sprinkler line.

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