Thursday, December 28, 2017

How To Patch A Smothered Lawn

Shopping List:
Grass seed (based on location)
Starter fertilizer (high in phosphorus)

1. Use the roto-tiller on the smothered soil to loosen it up.
2. Rake the soil to smooth it out.
3. Spread the compost over the soil with a rake.
4. Use the roto-tiller to incorporate the compost with the existing soil. Rake it out smooth again.
5. Load the seed into the broadcast spreader and apply it generously to the soil.
6. Use the back of the rake to gently push the seed into the soil.
7. Load the starter fertilizer into the spreader and apply it to the soil. If doing this wrok in the spring, select a fertilizer that also includes Tupersan to prevent weed seeds from germinating.
8. Apply a top dressing of compost to the rest of the lawn.
9. Add seed to the top dressing for the rest of the lawn a little less generously than before. Use the back of the rake to push the seed into the soil.
10. Add more starter fertilizer to the rest of the lawn.
11. Give the lawn a good watering, roughly twice a day for a few weeks until the grass gets to about 3” tall.

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