Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Molecule [DS] Driveway Sealer | Water, Motor Oil, And Red Wine Stain Resistance Demonstration

In this video, we take a minute to show you a live stain resistance demonstration, breakdown some of those buying options, and explain why Molecule brand sealers brought to you by TechniSoil are worth considering.

We are using three common liquids (water, motor oil, and red wine) that can cause problems with hardscape surfaces, such as pavers, bricks, and natural stone. It is important to note that we strongly recommend cleaning any sort of staining material off of your hardscape project as quickly as possible, regardless of a sealer being used or not. Any stain producing material left for an extended period of time can begin to penetrate and become permanent if left unchecked.

First up, is water. Admittedly, water generally isn't a big problem when it comes to staining on the surface but it can produce two major problems in some areas. Efflorescence and freeze-thaw damage can occur from the penetration of water into the hardscape surface. When combined with proper drainage and slope, surfaces sealed with Molecule will significantly reduce the penetration of water.

Second, we use motor oil. Oil is widely regarded as one of the worst staining materials especially in driveways and parking lot areas. The oil will stay suspended on a Molecule treated surface for up to an hour depending on the stone porosity, but again, we strongly recommend cleaning an oil spill immediately to help prevent permanent staining.

And finally, we have red wine. Along with blood from steaks, this is a common stain producer around outdoor kitchens and patio areas. As with the other two materials, red wine beads up immediately when it comes into contact with a Molecule treated surface.

Each Molecule brand product is power-packed with a penetrating, stain resistant polymer formulation. The beading effect repels nearly any liquid at the surface level, drastically reducing stain penetration which can cause permanent discoloration.

Each individual Molecule brand product is then specifically formulated to work on a variety of applications.

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