Friday, April 14, 2017

YardHacks By TechniSoil | Who Needs An Ugly Hose Bib? EkoFlo To The Rescue.

Hack #: 001 | Take a look around your home. What do the hose bibs look like? Mud, weeds, bare dirt? In this yard hack we show you how 10 minutes and EkoFlo Permeable Pavement Binder can transform something ugly into something beautiful.

Clean hose bib area, remove mud and weeds. Mix 16 ounces of EkoFlo with roughly 60 pounds of clean, dry 3/8" pebbles inside a 5-gallon bucket until thoroughly coated. Pour blended mixture into area and trowel into place. Trowel to finish grade and lightly compact by hand. Keep area dry until cure, usually 24-48 hours. Done!

16 ounces of EkoFlo mixed with 60 pounds of 3/8" pebbles will cover approximately 5 square feet at 1.5 inches of depth.

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