Tuesday, April 11, 2017

TrowelPave Asphalt | Alligator Crack Repair For Blacktop Pavement

Alligator cracks in asphalt pavement are a nuisance for foot and bike traffic and they collect debris. The culprit is water penetration coupled with wear and tear over time. Once a weak point is exposed, the material is channeled and erodes away. This is typically followed by the formation of a pothole as well.

TrowelPave Asphalt is in a class all its own because it can be used for blacktop repairs of almost any depth including alligator cracks. It can be troweled into place and compacted by hand for small repairs, or spread with a grade rake and compacted mechanically for large repairs.

First, we cleaned out the debris and swept the nearby area. Then we used TrowelPave Bulk packaging for the repair, including four 68-pound buckets of aggregate and two 1-gallon bottles of liquid binding agent mixed thoroughly in a common paddle mortar mixer.

Then we leveled the material over the alligator cracks using a 36" grade rake. Once the grade was good, we made two passes using a gas powered vibratory plate compactor. A hand tamp can be used in hard to reach places as needed.

What was once a bumpy, uneven mess, is now a level area strong enough for heavy truck and forklift traffic. The repair took only 20 minutes or so with a 1-man crew! We wrapped up our project by cleaning all the tools with WD-40® and a rag.

We utilized TrowelPave Bulk packaging to make this repair. See more on TrowelPave Bulk here --- https://youtu.be/3XM26ZBCVPM

For more information on TrowelPave Asphalt, including install guide, videos, FAQ's, and important safety information, visit our product page here - http://technisoil.com/trowelpave.html

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