Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Efflorescence Prevention Guaranteed - EffLock Efflorescence-Curing System

Efflorescence is the dandruff of concrete. EffLock is the Head & Shoulders you need to cure it. Learn about how to permanently stop both primary and secondary efflorescence in concrete and masonry using the EffLock system of products. This includes the Liquid Admixture, Powder Admixture, Topical Treatment for existing concrete surfaces, and an Efflorescence Remover.

NewLook's EffLock™ is an efflorescence-curing system for cement and masonry. It's truly revolutionary because it permanently prevents and completely eliminates both primary and secondary efflorescence. Unlike other admixtures that try to reduce efflorescence by slowing water intrusion, EffLock's nano-fusion chemistry actually uses the presence of water to react with and bind minerals, chlorides, salts deposits and other impurities of concrete mixes at the nano-molecular level. It converts these into harmless matter that becomes part of the concrete. This keeps efflorescence from leaching out onto brick, block and other mortar set products permanently; it is also excellent for pre-cast and poured-in-place concrete.

EffLock admixtures are guaranteed* to permanently stop efflorescence when mixed according to instructions. EffLock products are specifically formulated for cement and mortar mixes.

EffLock is a proprietary engineered product system containing nano-fusion composites in aqueous solutions that react with impurities, such as calcium and mineral-based salt. These contaminants can be found in mortar mixes, cement products and aggregates. This reaction permanently binds the impurities and prevents efflorescence salt from leaching out to the surface.

The nanotechnology of EffLock's chemistry is approximately 100,000 times smaller than even the smallest cement particle. This allows it to literally pass through cement minerals or (hollow) sand and become part of the mineral with which it reacts. EffLock reacts when hydrogen is present; it stops reacting when the concrete dries out, but will react again when the concrete gets wet again--further improving the ability to lock out efflorescence.

Other products react with oxygen or don't react at all. EffLock reacts when hydrogen is present, meaning it needs water (H2O) to react; it stops reacting when the concrete dries out. But EffLock will continue to react each time the concrete gets wet. This prevents the formation of efflorescence for the life of the concrete. But EffLock's efficient reaction during hydration allows treated concrete to retain moisture longer, which improves the initial curing process and enhances the green strength of concrete.

A more efficient reaction during the curing process also helps brighten integral colorants because there are fewer chemical impurities present that would otherwise dull the finish. Also, it reduces the amount of integral color pigment needed, which means greater value to concrete professionals. Can I get an AMEN!

EffLock also improves the performance of densifiers and penetrating sealers. It binds contaminants and other salt-based minerals that can inhibit penetrating sealers' ability to absorb and react. When the excess salt is bound within the slab and more free lime is present, penetrating sealers will penetrate deeper and react more efficiently.

The overall quality of concrete is tremendously improved when treated with EffLock. The cosmetic appearance is improved as the concrete cures properly, resulting in a more uniform finish. Fewer air pockets and pinholes appear during the finishing process.

EffLock can be used with all cement types and ingredients, including lime, calcium, alpha and beta gypsum, fly ash, volcanic ash and hydraulic cement. Cure and seal products may still be used on EffLock-treated concrete. Other admixtures may also be included in the cement mix. However, EffLock should be added first and mixed with water before other admixtures are introduced to the mixture. This allows EffLock to react properly.

The liquid and powder admixtures are guaranteed to stop efflorescence permanently when they are mixed thoroughly exactly according to instructions. Since NewLook cannot control how well an existing concrete surface is prepared or how porous it is, we cannot offer the same guarantee on EffLock Topical Treatment. Visit our Terms of Use webpage for all the legal mumbo-jumbo.

Yes, you can use any other admixture or additive with EffLock in concrete and masonry. EffLock should be the FIRST admixture used to ensure proper reaction. Once EffLock is mixed properly, you can use any additive you want. In fact, EffLock will improve the performance of many other admixtures.

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