Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Modern-Day Gold Mining-DIY

This isn't about rock we sell, but interesting nonetheless!

Modern mining means moving lots of rock for a little gold and a big payday. This video is part of Cool Tools show hosted by Chris Grundy . SHOW DESCRIPTION :Did you know there's a device that lets you carry a sheet of heavy plywood with just one hand? How about using your drill for everything from cleaning ducts to snipping sheet metal? What does "WD-40" stand for, and did you know there are more than 2,000 uses for it? Tool expert Chris Grundy answers these burning questions and more on Cool Tools. He also gives viewers an exclusive look at tools you may not even know about ¿ from the tried and true to the latest and greatest ¿ revealing insider tips and little-known techniques from the people who helped create them. If you like tools, you'll go nuts for Cool Tools.

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