Monday, February 27, 2017

Molecule Teaser | Next-Generation Sealer Technology

Introducing Molecule® brand hardscape sealers by TechniSoil. The Molecule line of sealer products represents next-generation, water-based technology for premium hardscape protection. It penetrates the surface to provide robust stain resistance without leaving a film or altering the natural aesthetic. Molecule products are VOC-free, ready-to-use out of the bottle, and easy to apply.

Molecule [DS] Driveway Sealer

-- Molecule [DS] reduces tracking from vehicle tires, resists staining from debris and liquids, and limits freeze-thaw damage.

Molecule [JSS] Joint Stabilizer & Sealer

-- The Molecule [JSS] hybrid polymer formula provides robust stain resistance without leaving a film and locks paver joint sand in place.

Molecule [VMS] Vertical Masonry Sealer

-- Molecule [VMS] is specifically designed for vertical applications such as stone veneer, stucco, and brick masonry. It penetrates to reduce staining from graffiti, debris, and foreign liquids while limited freeze-thaw damage.

-- Molecule [HS] Hardscape Shampoo

When used regularly, Molecule [HS] maintains and extends the life of any Molecule brand hardscape sealer coating. The simple wash and wax application process cleans and protects your hardscape investment. Molecule [HS] is environmentally safe and ready-to-use out of the bottle.

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