Monday, October 17, 2016

How To Seal Concrete with SmartSeal and SharkSeal

NewLook has a number of water-based and solvent-based sealers. SmartSeal & SharkSeal are two of our most popular water-based sealers.

SmartSeal is a low VOC water-based sealer water-based formula is used to protect all NewLook concrete stains, properly prepared concrete floors, pool decks and other concrete and masonry surfaces. SmartSeal WB dries quickly and, once cured, creates an abrasion-resistant film that provides weatherproof protection against sun, rain, most acids, industrial chemicals, oil and grease.

SharkSeal™ is a water and oil repellant penetrating sealer with color enhancing properties. It penetrates deep into interior or exterior concrete, stone and pavers, yet is compatible as an enhancing sealer over NewLook color stains. Easily clean surfaces with SharkSeal™ as it repels dirt, dust and resists stains from most common spills including dirty auto fluids, beverages and many other fluids. Prolongs the life of concrete affected by winter freeze-thaw cycle and salt intrusion.

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