Thursday, September 29, 2016

TrowelPave Concrete | City Sidewalk Repair

In this video short, we showcase yet another common problem to fix with TrowelPave. If you've ever walked a tree-lined city sidewalk then you've undoubtedly noticed some cracks and lifted concrete. The damaged areas are usually painted to alert the hazard, and there's a reason they don't get fixed properly.

That reason? There isn't a good fix! Until now. TrowelPave Concrete is a kit that contains a specialty blend of aggregates and a liquid binding agent. Once mixed together in a wheelbarrow or paddle mixer, the blended material trowels easily into place over uneven and jagged areas. Compacting can be done by hand with a trowel in tight spaces, or a hand tamper in larger areas.

In this situation, a panel of city sidewalk had been lifted approximately 2" - 3" by roots from a nearby Redwood tree. Fixing a problem like this with concrete is expensive and labor intense. It would require jack-hammering the section out; re-forming for a fresh pour; pouring and finishing new concrete; and allowing to cure for several days before foot traffic is allowed.

With TrowelPave Concrete, we were able to fix the area in approximately 20 minutes, and open it to foot traffic within the hour. We used (1) 40-pound TrowelPave bucket kit to build a free-form ramp that spans nearly 5' in width, 3" in height, and 10" in depth.

The newly formed ramp looks natural because of its similar color adjoining the two concrete sections. The tripping hazard is gone now and the area is safe for foot and bicycle traffic.

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