Monday, July 25, 2016

Keep Bark And Mulch Ground Cover In Place

BarkBinder is a liquid polymer stabilizer that limits wind and water erosion of fibrous, shredded mulch and bark ground-cover products in landscaped areas while helping to preserve their natural appearance. BarkBinder concentrate dilutes with water, providing for an easy spray-on application process that is completely safe for plants, animals, and the environment. Maintaining a beautiful landscape is easy with this cost effective solution for mulch products.

Rain and wind can wreak havoc on mulch planter beds, resulting in expensive and time-consuming replenishments. By locking mulch into place, planter beds not only look better for a longer period of time but they support better water retention for plants, shrubs, and trees and reduce weed growth. BarkBinder topically applied liquid stabilizer acts like hairspray for shredded bark and mulch products, pine straw, and more.

BarkBinder is applied easily using an ordinary handheld pump sprayer. The liquid is water-based, VOC-free, and will not harm an existing landscaped area. The crosslinking bond reduces erosion, but still allows for natural decomposition of ground cover materials along with water transfer to the soil and plant growth below such as bulbs or perennials.

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