Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rain Bird - Drip Irrigation Tips

To Drip or not to Drip? That is the question Michael answers in this Episode. Michael says drip irrigation is not just for watering pots,
flowers and shrubs; but can be the best method for watering trees as well.

A common assumption is that the secret to having a green and healthy yard is water, water and more water. Nature is struggling to meet our ever-increasing demands for water and we are facing drought conditions with water rationing in some parts of the country. Simply put -- there is a limit to how much water we can consume without ever-increasing consequences.

With summer here and the height of the watering season upon us, it is time to make sure all of us are doing our part to conserve water and at the same time keep the water bill down. Michael Glassman is an award winning landscape designer and in this weekly podcast series offers tips on how to save water and still have a great yard. Michael has twenty years of experience in the field and has been featured in such publications as Sunset Magazine, Fine Gardening, Better Homes and Gardens, and Landscape Architecture. He is designer and co-host of the Discovery Home Channel program Garden Police.

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