Thursday, February 11, 2016

Three Useful Ideas For Solar Path Lights

A very versatile way to put lighting along your garden paths is with solar path lights. It is easy to install them along a walkway or path because they are self-contained and do not require additional wiring or connection to an electrical power utility grid. Solar path lights are available in a number of different styles perfect for making a statement, or just blending in with existing design.

Here are a few helpful ideas on how to choose the best pathway lighting options for your home.

1. Plastic Solar Lights

Plastic solar lights are perhaps the most economical way to light your pathway. However, just because they are plastic, doesn't mean they are cheap or flimsy. In fact, plastic fixtures are weatherproof and durable when made of high-impact material, and they are more than up to the task of withstanding the outdoor elements.

Most plastic solar lights are affixed to short stakes, which can then be easily placed into the ground wherever needed. In addition to the ease of installation, plastic fixtures are very easy on the pocketbook. Although they don't cost a lot, plastic fixtures use the same LED bulb technology as more expensive lights, so you can be sure to get the same kind of illumination.

2. Bollard Lights

Bollard fixtures are an attractive lighting solution for pathways around your home. Choose a bollard light design if you want more light than ground level or eye-level fixtures can provide. Bollard lights are usually two or three feet in height, so they do not attract as much attention as taller fixtures.

Bollards come in a large selection of various materials, designs, and prices, so you're sure to find a bollard light that will match your budget and design.

3. Stainless Steel Solar Path Lights

Stainless steel lights are rugged fixtures that can easily withstand the constant moisture from the ground. It's a good idea to install stainless steel lights in places that do not need mowing however. As rugged and durable as stainless steel fixtures are, even they will not survive the blades of a lawn mower.

If you need to put them in a lawn area however, take care that you or your landscape maintenance team remove them before mowing the lawn.

It's easy to see why solar powered light fixtures are so popular these days. They are self-contained, durable devices that are easy to install, and economical to operate. This makes them a great choice for pathway lighting for your home after the sun goes down.

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