Saturday, January 30, 2016

Simple Patio Walkway Design Ideas For Your Lawn

No matter what size lawn your property has, you may want to consider adding a patio walkway to make it more functional or attractive. A patio walkway shows the thoughtful attitude you have toward guests who may be using your yard as well as your interest in making the lawn look appealing and well-kept. One or more walkways between porch and shed, or garage and shed, or merely around the property's perimeter provides a structured look to the property and provides easy access among the various outbuildings where people may be working and need to move heavy equipment around.

If your shed is several hundred feet from the house or garage, you may want to put in a walkway that will let you move the lawn tractor, wheelbarrow, or cultivator, along with other garden tools and lawn equipment, from the shed closer to the house where it will be used. If the shed is dark or filled to overflowing, it makes sense to move items like this to a well-lit garage, or your porch where you can lay out tools for doing a tractor tune-up or changing the oil, or simply clean up rakes, mowers, and trimmers before using them the next time. The walkway will let you move heavier items on a brick or stone path that can handle the weight, rather than pushing these things over the grass and possibly killing it or causing ruts, particularly on a rainy day.

When you clean out the garage, you may want to move some unused things to storage in your shed. Using the wheelbarrow to transport boxes, crates, and cartons for storage in the shed's loft will be easier than trundling across the lawn, dodging rocks, hills, and pets that may be leashed outdoors. The patio walkway makes for smoother movement, decreasing the risk that something will spill from the wheelbarrow, or that you will drop anything that you may be carrying. Just be sure to keep the walkway in good shape by sweeping away crumbled stone and removing weeds every few weeks.

A patio walkway around your property's borders is a great place to walk n indoor dog on a leash for its toileting needs. That way you know where the dog is toileting, and you will have fewer concerns about the kids stepping or rolling in it when they play in the other areas of the lawn. If it is big enough, the patio walkway around the yard's edge makes a nice area for strolling after dinner or in the moonlight in nice weather, especially if the walkway is accented by birdbaths, flowerbeds, and ground lights.

Your yard walkway can make lawn work easier. It can help you move heavy objects to various points of your property with convenience and ease. It also adds an attractive focal point that you can design for outdoor beauty. Find out how to put in a walkway yourself or the cost of getting professionals to do it for you so you can enjoy the added value of this helpful design.

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