Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Landscaping With Artificial Turf - A Few Benefits

A backyard with lush green lawn is every homeowners dream. Nothing can bet the joy of spending quality time on a backyard lawn with family and friends. Especially when you have taken the hard work to grow such a beautiful lawn.
But growing a lush green and healthy lawn required hard work. It's not a week's job. Planting the right seed, watering frequently, looking for seasonal changes, and many more areas that a healthy lawn demands.
This and many more factors gave birth to artificial turf. The artificial turf as the name suggests, is a surface that looks exactly like the natural one, but without any hard work and maintenance. Lay it once and you are done of at least 10 years.
Being artificial has got many advantages over the natural one.
  1. It does not requite water (obviously, it's artificial!)
  2. No lawn mowing, so no need to buy an expensive lawn mower
  3. Does not get infected by diseases
  4. Dogs and other pets can't chew them
  5. Looks exactly like the natural one
  6. Can be used indoor as well
Since artificial lawn does not require water, you can use it in indoor areas
as well. With natural lawn it is absolutely necessary to take care of the water drainage. If the lawn receives enough direct sunlight then this problem is taken care of. if the water on natural lawn is not drained properly, pools of water can quickly become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This can be dangerous to kids and other family members.
With artificial turf you altogether eliminate all these problems. SO should you go for artificial turf landscaping? Well, before you make any decision first go out and have a look at some live projects finished with artificial turf. Walk on the artificial lawn with bare feet, touch it, take photos and compare them with a natural one. Take a feel of the entire things, costing is also important.
So landscaping with artificial turf can save you money and time in a big way. But if natural lawn gives you satisfaction, even with a lot of hard work, take your decision wisely.

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