Saturday, March 28, 2015

What Are the Benefits of Using Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf is made of a composite and synthetic material which appears much like a natural lawn. Artificial lawns started out in sports stadiums and arenas, but are now used in the process of landscaping the garden. Here are several advantages of using the synthetic lawn at home -
Low maintenance - Even a low-maintenance grass is in need of a certain degree of attention throughout the season due to watering, controlling weeds, mowing, fertilizing, etc. But with the artificial lawn it is virtually maintenance free once the initial installation is complete. This type of lawn is perfect for the second home or for the elderly that aren't in a position to complete the required jobs to keep the lawn in good shape.
Avoid Watering - If living in an area likely to experience issues with water restrictions or drought than an artificial lawn is certain to be ideal. During the warmest part of the season it is necessary to water the lawn at regular intervals, so the ability to cut of watering in the early morning or late in the evening is certain to be appreciated by many. A further advantage of being able to cut the watering is the ability to save on water bills, which is certain to be noticed by those with the water meter systems installed.
Environmentally friendly - A further quality of the artificial surface is the ability to cause minimal impact on the environment. A noticeable benefit is the ability to avoid using toxic chemicals or pesticides to control the outbreak of weeds or similar issues. Also, it isn't necessary to use electric or gas-powered lawn mowers or similar power-tools. This is further able to cut down on the released pollutants.
High durability - Most of the artificial turf options are able to handle professional sports, so it is are certain to handle any of the vigorous activities experienced in the garden. This type of lawn is perfect for laying in those areas that are likely to experience a lot of foot traffic or other areas of the garden that might present difficulties for normal grass to grow.
All in all, a well installed artificial lawn is sure to offer the green and attractive gardens areas without needing to put in the time and effort to maintain. And it doesn't matter the time of season or climate. These lawns are perfect for those that are limited in relation to free time for implementing the required maintenance jobs throughout the warm season.

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