Monday, October 20, 2014

Stain & Stencil Concrete Floors -- SmartColor Concrete Stain and Modello Stencils

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NewLook showcased SmartColor at its booth at the World of Concrete 2013. SmartColor is a water based decorative concrete stain; it is the reliable and user-friendly alternative to reactive based or acid based concrete stains. Watch this video and learn how to apply SmartColor over a Modello decorative masking pattern (stencil) to enhance your concrete surface.

SmartColor is a water-based, nano-acrlyic concrete stain used to revitalize and decorate exterior concrete surfaces. The formula's advanced nano-technology yield efficient penetration and tenacious adhesion with properly prepared concrete surfaces. Learn how to easily prepare concrete and match the mottled effects of an acid stain using SmartColor--the intelligent choice for staining concrete!

Contact your local Authorized NewLook Distributor today to purchase your supply of SmartColor concrete stain. Go to­installer.html to find your distributor or contact NewLook directly for more information (801) 886-9495.

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