Monday, December 9, 2013

How To Prepare Your Lawn And Landscape For The Winter

With the fall moving quickly past and winter approaching, now is the perfect time year to prepare your property for the upcoming cold weather. Not only will your property be protected from harsh winter weather but come spring time, you will have less lawn and landscape work to take on. Preps now save you from major fixes in the spring! Most of the things that need to be done to prepare your lawn and landscape for winter are easy and inexpensive but if put off until spring, will cause your now healthy landscape to be not so healthy looking. Listed below are some tips that you as a homeowner can follow to help get your property ready for the winter.
  • Rake up fallen leaves- You may be tempted to skip this chore but it is very important that fallen leaves are raked up and removed from your lawn. Leaving them on your lawn over the winter months may cause your lawn to "suffocate" over the winter.

  • Remove decaying or dying branches- Pruning dead branches off of the bushes and other landscaping around your property is important. This will help to keep trees and shrubs healthy and strong enough to hold up to the ice and snow that falls over the winter.

  • Clean up garden areas- Make it easier on yourself and clean up debris out of your flower beds and garden areas now; this will make it stress-free to do your plantings in the spring.

  • Mulch- After the first hard freeze, it is advised to apply mulch around your plants in your garden areas as this will help to protect the plants over the cold winter months.

  • Create a compost pile- Now is the perfect time to make a compost pile. It will not only serve as an area to get rid of organic debris that you are cleaning up from your yard, but when mixed with the soil in the spring, will help next year's plantings thrive.

  • Remove dead plants- After the first freeze happens, inspect your garden areas and remove any plants that have not made it. This will prevent diseased plants from spreading throughout your garden.

  • Mow your lawn- Mow your lawn one final time but make sure not to cut it too short. Leaving it 1.5-2 inches will ensure that it will be able to survive the winter.
If you find that you do not have the time or just don't have the energy or desire to prepare your lawn and landscape for winter, contact a professional lawn and landscape team. Their experts will be able to make sure that your property is prepared and ready to go for the winter without you having to leave your warm and cozy home!

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