Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Stain Stamped Concrete -- NewLook's Translucent Color Enhancer Stain

How to Stain Stamped Concrete Floors -- http://www.getnewlook.com/Translucent-Enhancer.html

Want to learn how to stain concrete floors? Read the video transcript:

The Translucent Color Enhancer is a water-based, polymer-modified, transparent concrete stain. It is non-acid, non-acrylic and non-epoxy based. [Integral concrete color eat your heart out!]

The Enhancer is used for antiquing stamped, textured concrete surfaces to create a two-toned finish. It can also be used to blend surface blemishes and discolorations.

The Enhancer is a 3-component [transparent concrete stain] kit that is packaged in a variety of sizes, each of which cover a range of square feet depending on surface porosity, moisture content, surface temperature and method of application.

Like all specialty coatings, the Translucent Color Enhancer must be installed on a properly prepared surface. For this project, the above half of a 10x10 slab on grade was stained with a coat of the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain. The stains and discolorations on the lower half were left alone in order to demonstrate how a different base finish can affect the final appearance of the Enhancer. Visit GetNewLook.com for more information about surface preparation.

Once the surface has been prepped and the Enhancer has been mixed according to instructions, you're ready to begin applying the material.

Begin by spraying the [transparent concrete stain] material in one corner and work your way across the surface. The translucent nature of the Enhancer causes it to work in such a way that wherever there is more product material, you will get a deeper, richer or darker color. Gravity will cause the Enhancer to run off the high areas and puddle in the textured areas of relief where it will dry darker and give the surface the antiqued, two-toned finish desired.

You may choose to apply the enhancer in one very heavy application or apply multiple lighter coats to get the desired depth of color. However, a general rule with applying an enhancer is that the stain should be applied evenly. If this is not taken into consideration, one result may be that you end up with a spotty look from your sprayer.

If you have drip marks or a spotty look from your sprayer you may also lightly mist the wet stain with water to help break up these spots. This has to be done very lightly so that you do not over-dilute the stain and compromise it's bonding properties. A hand squeeze water bottle is best to use so that you can better control the amount of water applied.

Keeping a high amount of pressure in your sprayer will ensure a more consistent and even application. Drips, spots and over-application are less likely to occur. Maintain your sprayer to make sure an even spray is always occurring.

The Enhancer should be applied when it is cool to allow the enhancer time to fall into the low areas of the stamp. In summer months, it is important to budget enough time in the morning to be done before it gets too hot.

It is important to understand that not all stamped surfaces look alike and as such should not be approached in the exact same way. Stamped surfaces that have deep impressions will lend themselves to potentially having more contrast. To create more contrast on surfaces with subtle impressions, you may lightly mist water on the wet concrete stain to help push it off the top areas and into the lower areas of the stamped surface. This allows more of the base color to show through.

If there is too much stain in an area, you may rag it up but it is recommended that you start with a slightly wet rag so that you do not take up too much stain.

Note: the Enhancer must be sealed when cured and dried.

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