Monday, February 13, 2012

Flagstone Patio: Different Design Options

When you observed in high-end landscaping designs, you will notice that there are natural stone installations. Most of the natural stone installations found in walkways and patios are flagstones of different colors, varieties and colors. To create a beautiful and natural look, professional landscape designers use different types, sizes and colors of flagstone to create the design they want.
What is a flagstone?
It is a sedimentary rock that is split into different layers. It is one form of sandstone comprising of quartz and feldspar which has arenaceous grain size of between 0.16 millimeters to 2 millimeters in diameter. It usually comes in different colors like blue, red and buff.
Apart from its landscaping purposes, it is also used in constructing different outdoor installations. Majority of outdoor landscaping designers prefer to use flagstone because they have the choice to use either flagstones with uniform shades and sizes or with varying colors and sizes.
One big advantage of using flagstone is the range of thickness, shapes, colors and forms that you can choose for your varied masonry jobs. It is attractive, rustic, versatile, durable and practical. Because of its versatility, you can use it both inside and outside your office and your home. You can use it to create whatever designs you can think of because the designs, patterns and shapes you can create are endless.
Majority of homeowners prefer installing flagstone on their patio, walkways and planters instead of cement pavers or bricks because they are natural and unique. Moreover, they like flagstones because they are very practical, thus you can either cut it into two or arrange it in layers to achieve the look you want. It is easy to set and to install using sand, cement or stone dust. It existed and used by different cultures for centuries to cover the entire house structure, buildings or as headstones in cemeteries. At present, real estate developers and contractors used it as sides of buildings and homes. Countless houses and buildings used flagstones in the structure themselves or in the outdoor landscape to make it more appealing and beautiful. Some architects even used flagstone to make the fireplace, living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom beautiful. Because of its multi-functionality, it becomes a building material to be valued and appreciated.
If you plan to use flagstone in your homes, you have several options to choose from namely:
  • New Mexico flagstone - It is one type of flagstone with unique and nice texture. It is easy to cut and has low maintenance. Because of its different variety, you can create whatever designs and projects you can think of, whether you want to use thick or thin flagstone.

  • Arizona flagstone - It is one type of flagstone which is red in color. If you are looking for a natural stone to match the color of your bricks at home, then Arizona flagstone is the perfect for the job. It has natural shine, thus it can bring glow and shimmer to its surrounding.

  • Pennsylvania Blue Flagstone - It is a natural flagstone that is blue in color. You cannot just use it to any interior design, but you have to match it to the right d├ęcor and interior design. It comes in a flat square shape and can easily be used due to its smooth texture. It looks best to homes with traditional and contemporary designs.
Choose flagstones which suit best to the theme and style of your house or outdoor project.

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