Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Stock Item: NanoPave Joint Stabilizer and Sealer

This is a new stock item at Dixon Landscape Materials. Below is some information from the NanoPave website:

Why should you use NanoPave™?

  • NanoPave™, the 1st structured polymer specifically designed for paving joint stabilization. NanoPave™ creates a solid bond throughout the joint
  • NanoPave™ is a cost-effective alternative to polymeric sand and is easy to apply while avoiding haze and stains.
  • NanoPave™ penetrates into the paving creating a durable seal, other liquid joint stabilizers simply glaze the surface.
  • Contractors and Homeowners (DIY’s) now have the best technology offering consistent and long-lasting results.
  • NanoPave™ is conveniently packaged for small to medium sized projects in 1 and 5-gallon bottles. Bulk quantities readily available for large-scale projects.

Why is NanoPave™ and nano-polymer technology are the best option?

As a research and development company, w analyzed the existing market joint stabilizers and polymeric sand regarding; composition, application and performance- we found many complaints.

NanoPave™ and our patent-pending nano-polymer technology was engineered to address these challenges:

1.DURABILITY –The common problem with joint stabilizers is that they don’t cure through the entire depth of the pavement.  We found this often happened because the liquid would only penetrate slightly below the surface, creating a thin layer that will easily degrade or become unstable
NanoPave™ liquid stabilizer utilizes an engineered nano-polymer technology that is both strong and flexible, offering premium performance.

2.EASE OF INSTALLATION – NanoPave™ is water-based and can be cold applied/ sprayed for ease of use. NanoPave™ is VOC-FREE, environmentally responsible and ready to use. NanoPave™  was formulated to penetrate and solidify through the entire joint, using common spraying equipment.

3.WATER RESISTANCE – Some traditional joint stabilization products we tested would often break-down when the area would be saturated. . NanoPave™  technology was designed to form a tight and consistent bond and will not easily eroded or destabilized. TechniSoil® is comprised of nano-polymers designed to withstand water saturation and retain structural stability. NanoPave™  is non-harmful to animals, plants and aquatic life.

4.THERMAL CYCLE RESISTANCE – Wide swings in temperature can cause many products to suffer structural issues created by expansion or contraction within the paving joints. Our research found that other joint stabilizers were often susceptible and would often fail in these conditions. . NanoPave™  was designed to withstand freeze/thaw climates and extreme temperatures without premature degradation.

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